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〖 What Do You Care About? 〗
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What Do You Care About? 
Children ask questions like “Where do people go after they die?” and “Is there an end to the sky?” Yet when they grow up, they just care about schooling, work, marriage and raising children. And when they reach a ripe old age, some are preoccupied with three meals a day. Indeed it seems whilst children care about big matters, adults tend trivial ones. 

你在乎什么? 孩子们会问这样的问题:“人死后会去哪里?”和“天空有尽头吗?”“然而,当他们长大后,他们只关心上学、工作、婚姻和抚养孩子。当他们年老时,有些人一天只吃三顿饭。的确,当孩子们关心大事的时候,成年人却往往关心小事。
2019-05-19 09:31:00